Female Pattern Hair Loss and Scalp Micro-pigmentation Hair Density Treatment

Researches have shown that many females suffer from a standard-issue, i.e. hair thinning, hair loss and less hair density. Females ages 20- 40 years are gradually witnessing hair loss patterns as a standard-issue resulting in temporary baldness. It mainly results from a progressive reduction and successive hair cycle time that miniaturizes your hair follicles. These changes especially generate due to interactions between androgens, respective receptors, and enzymes like 5A reeducate and p450 aromatase.

Female Pattern Hair Loss results in baldness if it isn't treated on time. Moreover, excessive thinning mainly leaves a severe impact on the psychological state of a woman. Their hairs are close to their heart, and they consider it a beauty mark. Thus, identifying the symptoms at an appropriate time will help them to fight against them.

What are the leading causes of hair thinning?

Hair thinning is due to the age factor; with the growing age, every gender starts losing their hair volume and thickness. Most of the time, it results in a specific diet intake of a normal human being. Diet matters a lot; inappropriate and less consuming your diet will cause you to suffer a lot. Along with nutrient deficiency, there's another factor that costs baldness, and that is heredity. If your forefathers were bald, then it must turn into your children. Recently, hair thinning affect both men and women across all age groups. Our mental health and an excess amount of styling are generally exposed to harsh sunlight for ample reasons attributed to stress and menopause, especially in women.

Is it necessary to have a surgical transplant?

A surgical Transplant is a quick remedy to cure your hair loss, and it demands to go through a Trichoscopic analysis by a professional trichologist or hair transplant surgeon. It mainly examines the exact cause of hair thinning. If you usually don't qualify for the same process, your female patient won't need to go through this surgical transplant. Many females start introspecting in different ways, like shaving their heads or other non-surgical solutions. Thus, micro scalp pigmentation is generally recommended to such patients, and this alternative is way much better than another.

What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is essential to have your scalp cosmetically tattooed with tiny dots. These dots will help increase density to women's hair to cover the hair loss areas or thinning hair. Efficient Scalp Micro-pigmentation delivers a sure way to replicate thick hair's appearance whether you have a short length of hair or long. In this process, there's no particular invasive surgery, no scarring and no specific downtime.

How much time does it cost?

It merely depends on your hair length, and this treatment relies on the size of the area that demands to treat through desirable results. A tailored treatment eventually planned and made for you. A patient mainly needs 2-3 sessions to reach the desired result and sessions of 1 -2 hours. This particular process of building up layers will eventually gain a natural and even finish to blend with your existing hair.

Is SMP a reliable source for long hairs?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a precise application and instantly finishes. If a particular patient demands efficient results, then she must a diffuse thinning but a specific hairline.  SMP mainly does not add any different sort of length to already existing hair. A natural look is guaranteed with the excess distribution of natural hairs.

Is the Scalp Micro Pigmentation process painful?

This new and modern technique is less painful than having a regular tattoo. It certainly cost you less pain and money than a standard hair transplant. Scalp Micro-pigmentation tends not to penetrate the skin as deep as a typical tattoo. It has experimented on many clients, and they are satisfied by not having any discomfort.

What sort of hair loss is suitable for SMP?

A beneficial part of Scalp Micro Pigmentation can eventually perform on skin tones, colors and textures. It mainly includes a certain kind of hair loss with only two distinct types ideal for a scalp micro pigmentation treatment.

In the beginning, it involves an excessive diffusion of thinning. Usually, the hair gets thin rather than balding in a specific area of the scalp. While moving on, a second hair loss method called androgenic alopecia involves a patient suffering from several hair loss spots that might change the location. Many professionals perform SMP for a while and not specialized in a field that serves the same optimum results.

Is it a permanent effect or not?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is eventually a semi-permanent treatment and not consider permanent. It ultimately lasts for a long time and offers a temporary option. It mainly lasts between 1 – 3 years and provides an endless opportunity that lasts up to 5 years. This long-term maintenance eventually requires both types.

Aftercare for SMP

Many technicians provide aftercare instructions to the client and discuss comprehensively. The following days involve a treatment that cares to keep the area clean and dry. A tricky part for ladies is not to wash their hair during the treatment period. After four or five days, give your scalp a good wash with warm soapy water. Avoid any strong chemicals such as anti-dandruff shampoos or any hair growth products just for a few days. You may start to use these types of products again 10 days after each procedure.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation Hair Density Treatment for a female is now quite reliable to combat hair loss efficiently. Hair is an integral part of a women’s outfit, the perfect hair style, the hair texture and color becomes a part of a women’s personality. Having thin hair or bald spots effects a female’s confidence and should be taken care of right away!  A massive chunk of the population is now relying on this particular SMP treatment to get their hair looking thicker and fuller! It’s time that you try it as well and start looking your best self!


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