Scalp Tattooing 101: What is Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation is mainly known as a head tattoo, scalp tattoo or known as Scalp tattoo. Many people inquire about is Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a traditional tattoo? The answer is mainly NO. Scalp Micropigmentation is quite different from the typical tattoo.

What is Hairline Tattoos?

Hairline Tattoo or Scalp Tattoo is officially known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation as an advanced cosmetic pigmentation method. It is similar to traditional tattooing, and its procedure mainly works through injecting pigment into the scalp during a remarkably intricate process.

Nowadays, Hair loss is a common issue among males, and with the advancement, there are many different ways of treating it or making it slow in everything. If you are exploring to undergo treatment methods like hair transplant or invest in products to maintain your hair will, it will cost you a massive chunk of money. Scalp pigmentation differs from all of the above options and delivers a specific look that is comparatively unique and tailored with the skin tone and hair colour.

Is it a regular tattoo on your head?

The scalp micro pigmentation process is quite different from regular tattooing because they have an extra needle and ink. Typical tattoo needles are pretty large and make them imprecise when it's about to replicate the outlook of the texture of tiny hair follicles. Hairline tattoos mainly use a microneedle with a hair-like image and not painted on the dot.

Tattoos usually have five layers into their skin, whereas micro pigmentation goes through two layers deep. The reason behind this is the deeper pigment goes into the skin, the more likely it loses its round shape and spread out its actual result of an unnatural look. This process considers the pigmentation shallow and makes its overall look to control the ability of different practitioners and shape it appropriately. It keeps it deep enough to maintain permanence.

Difference between Scalp Micropigmentatoin and Scalp Tattoos

Scalp micro pigmentation is mainly a cosmetic procedure that makes you look like you've received a fresh hair styling cut. The scalp micro pigmentation process is referred to as a head tattoo, tattoo hair or scalp tattoo. Below are the few main differences

The Needle Size

A traditional tattoo needle is quite significant in size to approximate a tiny hair follicle's texture and appearance. Simultaneously, the micro scalp pigmentation practitioners utilize the 3 points micro needle 70% smaller in size than other miniature needles for traditional tattooing. Many practitioners ensure that small needle use will differentiate between the ink deposit and the natural hair follicle.

Ink usage

Along with the consultation session, the scalp micro pigmentation artists generally creates pigment that complements the colour of your skin and matches your hair.  A reputable micro-pigmentation utilizes ink that has been tried and tested by leading practitioners. It also ensures that their ink produces a consistent result with every impression of tattooing. Tattoo ink is productively non-organic and harms or irritate the skin in different cases.

Depth of the Skin

Our Scalp Micropigmentation is quite famous for being non-invasive, and practitioner penetrates within the two layers of your dermis. Traditional tattoo artists demand to penetrate the five layers of your skin for efficient results.

What specific things SMP can fix?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a reliable resource of nor-surgical male and female hair follicle replication treatment. It is an incredible life-changing treatment where certain natural pigments apply to the epidermal level of the scalp, resulting in replicating the natural appearance of actual hair follicles. Below are a few particular things that SMP can eventually fix.

  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Receding Hairlines
  • Thinning Hair
  • Women's Hair loss
  • Scar Camouflage.

What are the particular benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a reliable, safe and natural-looking alternative for hair restoration. Below are a few of its benefits.

  • Non-surgical
  • No Maintenance
  • Budget-friendly
  • No Medication
  • 100% effective
  • No recovery time.

How does this treatment work?

It takes three sessions to complete the whole process, and it begins with the first or initial consultation to decide either which of your style is quite effective for your hair goals. This treatment session begins through a conservative side, laying down the foundation for an up to date look. Your scalp is majorly a little red, and downtime it's precise with your scalp return to get normal within a day.

The second treatment mainly allows practitioners to fulfil the detail and shade darker from the initial session. It works during the treatment that your new look begins to live and gets perfect. Its third procedure also took place with a client to go more n darker.

After implanting ink into the affected area, it gets match carefully with your natural hair colour. Additionally, a practitioner tends to darken the shade than the natural colour to give an illusion of a shadow and the appearance of three-dimensional natural hair.

The process is easy, painless, and long lasting! A beautiful hairline was never this easy to acquire!


Now, relying on Scalp Tattooing is an effective technique to have a beautiful personality. This productive technique allows you to have confidence while standing among other haired people. It is calculated that around 67% of the population follows this new trend to overcome their baldness and have a good representation of their personality. Now you decide, either have baldness or overcome this insecurity.